Adult Driving

Adult Driving

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Ready to drive? Learning to drive will be one of the most important choices you’ll make in your lifetime. Who you decide to teach you will be another. Drive Academy is dedicated to teaching you the skills you’ll need to become a more confident, and defensive driver.
Have no fear of a communication block. Let our calm and patient instructors teach you without being overwhelmed by the language barrier. International students are our specialty.

To cater for a larger customer base we also speak English, Punjabi and Hindi.


We offer:

-Adult Drivers Education Program
-Adult Driving Lessons
-Single or Package Lessons Available
-Free Door To Door Service*
-Driving Lessons Provided 7 Days A Week

We offer: 

Single Lessons:

1 Hour            $70                90 Minute       $100

Package Lessons Specials

5 (1 Hour) Lessons  reg  $350  –  now $325                          5 (90 Minute) Lessons reg $500    now $475
7 (1 Hour) Lessons  reg  $490  –  now $455                         7 (90 Minute) Lessons reg $700    now $665
10 (1 Hour) Lessons reg $700  –  now 650                      10 (90 Minute) Lessons reg $1000   now $950

All Lessons and lesson packages fee must be paid on the first day of class.

You must have a valid WA permit or current license from another state or country on your person for all lessons. We cannot allow you to drive without one.

General Information: Adult students must carry a valid learner’s permit or license during every lesson. To reschedule or cancel lessons, students must contact our office at least 2 business days before the scheduled lesson. Weekends and holidays are not considered business days. If a student cancels a lesson within the required time for notice of cancellation, does not bring required glasses/contacts, does not bring a valid learner’s permit or license to a lesson, or fails to show up for a lesson, they will be charged as if he/she were present at the lesson.

*Depending on location

Refunds: Lessons must be taken within 2 months of payment. There will be no refund on unused lessons and after 2 months unused lessons will be considered lost.